Technical SEO

Technical SEO

For some people, SEO is a question of feeling.
For others, it’s following some recipes, the Google guidelines.
Some do extensive testing and build their experience upon their tests.

Technical and graphical seo analysisWe think that, whilst SEO can be view as some form of art (see our gallery), its foundation are clearly technical.
A crawler, an index, a search engine are no more that computer programs, algorithms that do things they’ve been programmed to do.

At our level, their behavior can seem complex, and we need to drill down to their heart to find the core explanation of what and why they do such and such thing.

With our visualizations on your website, we try to show you your website like a crawler sees it, so you can identify what could be wrongly perceived, what could confuse a bot.
The algorithms we use, the data we gather, the way we show it is not left to some random inspiration, but is a direct consequence of technical foundations.
In this section, we will detail some techniques, issues or experiments we’ve encounter.

Stay tuned !

BEA : Bot events analysis

What is BEA ? BEA stands for Bots Events Analysis. @VincentTerrasi coined the acronym on twitter and it fits well, so I use it also. The goal is to analyze search engines bots in order to improve his website, his SEO. Here, I’ll mainly show a preview of what we’re working on at Sem-Eye (see I’ll Read more…


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