SEO : a mix of Art and Technique

SEO : a mix of Art and Technique

We believe that a good approach to complex problems is to examine them under as many perspectives as possible.
SEO is, without contest, a complex problem.
We deal with it with a mix of Art and Technique, as you’ll find out.

Our main tool is a SaaS dataviz platform – – that shows your website and it’s internal structure, like Googles sees it.
It may be seen as an artwork (Indeed, several clients do expose them in their office !) but it’s a powerfull tool that can x-ray your website under several angles and give valuable information, clearly and directly actionable.

This web site is the English version of Cocon.Se , the french tool.
We waited a year to perfect the tool, with real clients and many real websites, before launching this English version.
However young the tool may look, look again, it’s not 🙂

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